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Our design can be customized. The doors, windows and front and back walls can be exchanged each other. And the partition walls according tothe customers’ requirements.

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Why Timber Stucture

There are three main types of structures in the wooden house market, beam-column, well-dried and American light. The first two are collectively referred to as Cadizon heavy-duty wooden structures, while the latter are light-weight wooden structures. Among them, the beam-column type inherits the characteristics of ancient Chinese architecture and is the most advanced structure at present. The entire wooden house is supported by the beam-column. The modern beam-column wood structure can replace the wall with glass, increase the transparency of the house, and also make large buildings. The well-dried wood structure is also called woodcarved, using logs, square wood or glued wood as the wall body, which is built by the mutual efforts of the card slots. The light wood structure is also called the American light wood structure because it is widely used in North America. Light wood structure is mainly made of timber frame wall made of standard timber and wood-based structural board or gypsum board.

Timber Structure Prefab FAQs

Let me talk about the beam-column wood structure first. The beam-column wood structure has high requirements for industrialization. It requires the enterprise to have a large production scale, advanced production equipment, professional technical level, and a skilled operation team. At present, there are few domestic enterprises that have the production capacity of beams and columns. Therefore, the cost of beam-column wood structures is relatively high. The well-dried wood structure is a typical residential house of the Nordic and Russian nations, but the modern well-dried wood structure has been completely refined and fashionable, and whether it is raw wood, square wood or glulam is solid wood, with obvious The role of warm winter and cool summer. 90% of the components of well-dried wooden structure can be prefabricated in the workshop. The installation on site is convenient and fast, and it is not greatly affected by the weather. In addition, the material removal rate in the future will be high. The overall weight of this type of wooden house is heavier than the light wood structure. The cost is lower than the beam-column wood structure. Light wood structure is the most common method in the residential construction industry in North America. It is a structural form composed of uniformly densely linked timbers with small cross-sections. It consists of primary structural members (structural framework) and secondary structural members (wall panels, floors). Slab and roof slab) make up the structural layer, bear various loads, and finally transfer the load to the foundation.

The decorative layer is supplemented on both sides of the structural layer, which has the characteristics of economy, safety and flexible structural layout. In layman’s terms, the light-weight structural wall is non-solid wood. Relatively speaking, the light wood structure has a light weight overall, good seismic performance, and relatively low cost. However, the light-weight wooden structure does not have high requirements for factoryization, so it is easy to have irregular construction in the market, which seriously affects the quality and use effect of the wooden house. Moreover, the light wood structure has a long construction period on site and is greatly affected by the weather. The wooden house is the world’s mainstream leisure and home furnishing product. Its design and construction has developed to a very high level. The wooden house is made of pine wood with beautiful texture and soft color. According to the unique properties of wood, it can achieve longevity. Cadyson Finland has a long history of building wooden houses. More than 90% of family houses in Canada and North America are made of wood. Humans have used wooden houses for thousands of years in the world. A lot of ancient buildings in China also use wood. The structure and wood structure houses are easy to maintain. Some houses with a history of more than 200 years in Finland and North America are still in safe use. Of course, some maintenance is needed in the middle, but the general concrete houses need to be rebuilt after about 50 years, so in comparison , Wooden houses obviously have a longer service life.

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