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Yes with the right technology applied to your current home, together we can start using the green energy and save the planet.

With our solar system and air-to-water devices you can make a massive saving on your energy bill.

Solar Technology

Advanced Battery

High Effective Solar Panel

Massive Bill saving

A Green Energy House Plan

Better efficiencies mean lower energy costs, More home comfort.

Air to Water Technology

The most abundant source of fresh water is the Earth’s atmosphere. When atmospheric humidity condenses, it falls as rain. Our unique technology uses optimised dehumidification techniques to extract and condense moisture in the air to produce healthy, purified drinking water.

Solar System

Solar panels are increasingly being installed by homeowners who are worried by rising the electricity cost and who want a system that both cuts their bills and produces greener energy. We explain what you need to know before installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your roof.

Immediate Returns

Green energy means saving while protecting the environment


FAQs about solar home system

What size solar panel system do I need?

To size your solar panel system you need to work out how much electricity you use and when you use it. 

As a guide, a typical home uses 20kWh of energy a day. A 5kW solar system would meet most of the daytime power needs of such a home.

How many solar panels do I need?
  • The power output of your whole solar system matters more than the size or number of panels.
  • The higher each panel’s nominal power rating (and actual power output), the fewer panels you’ll need (or the more power you’ll generate).
  • If you have plenty of roof space, you might find it more economical to buy cheaper panels with lower efficiency and just use more of them.
How much money will I save using solar power?

It takes anywhere from two to seven years for a solar system to pay for itself – after that is when you can start counting the savings.

Payback times vary depending on where you live in Australia. The infographic below shows averages for capital cities.

Do I need a solar storage battery?

A home storage battery lets you store the electricity generated by your solar panels to use at night or on a cloudy day.

You may want to consider a system that includes battery storage; the Tesla Powerwall is the best-known solar battery but there are many other brands in the market. But generally, storage batteries don’t make full economic sense yet for most homes.

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