Prefabricated Concrete Structure

Controllable construction period,

controllable cost,

controllable quality and improved efficiency

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Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd is the first enterprise in China’s prefabricated construction industry to fully use the entire process digital information system and the first enterprise with exclusive intellectual property rights in the entire industrial chain technology system. Globalized, large-scale, specialized and intelligent prefabricated building manufacturing and services.

Standard laboratory

Join hands with large real estate companies to establish a prefabricated building technical support service system that matches the standardized product system, and realize standardization and digitization on the product side.


Modular laboratory

Connect with manufacturing design concepts, modularize building design, create a universal module library, and simplify design work.


Digital Lab

Use information technology and big data to study digital models, and develop and apply digital tools.

Graphics Lab

Study the visual expression of building products, cooperate with the standardization, modularization, and generalization process of prefabricated buildings, and carry out the separation and exchange of graphics and data, as well as the visual research of module selection technology.

Craft laboratory

Research the whole process realization technology of the prefabricated building, establish a general process database of standard modules, realize the digital manufacturing and digital construction of the modules, and provide strong data support for the gradual production and construction.

Blockchain Lab

Use blockchain technology to achieve smart contract management, continue to develop the construction management process including approval, procurement, verification, supervision, asset handover, etc. to achieve direct transactions and enhance the transparency and security of project transactions.

Our Vision

We are a global prefab building professionals in the art of constructions. We are passionate about the role of prefabrication in transforming our built environment. With the Prefab tech, we can decrease construction time frames and construction waste while increasing quality, productivity and affordability.

Fabricated Construction

Integrated Decoration

Industrial Production

Information Management

Standardized Design

Intelligent Use

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