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Architects are incorporating modern designs into the prefabricated houses of today. Prefab housing should no longer be compared to a mobile home in terms of appearance, but to that of a complex modernist design. There has also been an increase in the use of “green” materials in the construction of these prefab houses.


We are a global prefab building professionals in the art of constructions. We are passionate about the role of prefabrication in transforming our built environment. With the Prefab tech, we can decrease construction time frames and construction waste while increasing quality, productivity and affordability.


APEA Asset Management Pty Ltd (ACN 623 622 136) is a Australia Based Company focusing on prefabricated building

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We do investment and development plan of prefabricated building industrial base.

Fast & Responsive

Our terms is not fixed, you can choose any parts with in the building process to use our solutions

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This is a more advanced technology with low energy consumption, low pollution, short construction period and high quality ways to build.

Creative is the soul.

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